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Whether you are paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, we provide expert care for everyone. Our advisors are here to help you find the best consultant for you and answer any questions you might have.

Face to Face Services                                                                                                    Price

Consultation with dermatologist - for adults

New consultation for skin lesions, moles skin cancers, all rashes wounds, hair, nails etc includes:

- full history, skin examination with skin cancer check, diagnosis & treatment advice                             £150

Follow up consultation

           - checking treatment has worked, assessment of skin conditions, monitoring treatment etc                 £100                                                                                                                           

Consultation with dermatologist - for infants and children up to 16 years

New consultation for eczema, birthmarks, moles, acne, hair problems

          - full history, skin examination, diagnosis & treatment advice                                                                       £125

Follow up Medical Paediatric Consultation

- checking how a condition has improved, monitoring medications etc                                                       £100

Minor Skin & Procedures during clinic consultation (consultation + procedure fee)

Viral Warts Cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen)                                                                                             £50

Seborrheic warts (unlimited, but maximum 15-20 recommended)                                                                         £50

Snip excision of multiple skin tags                                                                                                                               £50

Tele-dermatology Services 


Paying for your own treatment

You can choose to pay for your own treatment for most types of operations, procedures and tests. When you book your initial consultation, we will let you know the consultation fee for the consultant that you are seeing. Following your consultation, we will provide you with a fixed price for any treatment you may require. This will be agreed with you in advance, so you have the reassurance of knowing the full costs before you come into hospital/clinic. Your fixed price will include hospital/clinic charges, consultant surgeon and a follow-up consultation.


Private medical insurance

If you are using your health insurance to pay for treatment, please contact your insurance company to check whether your policy stipulates a GP letter of referral prior to booking an initial consultation. Please ensure you have all your insurance details to hand including your membership and authorisation number. 

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