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Skin Consultations

Treatment and disease awareness help empower people to have the confidence to take control of their conditions. offers advice and support to people living with skin conditions


Our Consultants have the expertise to recognise and treat a vast array of conditions from skin disease to acne. Our patients truly can have the security that they are visiting consultants that have outstanding excellence in their field.

Our patients find our Consultants to be extremely personable and warm people, instilling trust and confidence at a moment in time when our patients may feel extremely anxious. With many years of experience behind each Consultant they know that it is important to treat all patients as individuals and take time to focus on each person’s needs, with excellent results.

If you would like a visit with one of our Consultants then please do feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

Our Consultants will often endeavour to complete your consultation and treatments in one visit as they are fully qualified to perform surgical and non-surgical treatments. This will be discussed with you during your consultation with the Dermatologist.

Acne Advice

Our Dermatologists are all highly experienced in the management of Acne, and we can also offer advice on the treatment of Acne scarring.

Childrens Skin Clinic

Our Dermatologists are experts in diagnosis and management of all dermatological conditions experienced by babies and children of up to 16 years of age such as rashes, birth marks and teenage skin.


There’s no cure for psoriasis. But there are lots of treatments that may help to relieve your symptoms, such as biologic's which can pretty much clear symptoms, but others are only available from specialist psoriasis clinics.

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