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Many common dermatologic procedures are done as office procedures to test for a wide variety of diseases or to treat often minor dermatologic diseases or conditions in a quick and noninvasive manner.


Some common dermatologic techniques used to test for diseases are biopsies, including punch, shave, and excision biopsy; microbiological culture (often called a skin culture); skin allergy patch testing. The results from these tests can be used to either confirm or rule out a diagnosis, such as skin cancer or a fungal skin infection. 

Other dermatologic procedures are used to remove or treat benign or cancerous skin lesions. Cryotherapy, cyst excision, phototherapy, and skin tag removal are examples of the types of methods physicians use to destruct, remove, or treat skin for a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Mole Removal

Whether a mole is affecting your self-confidence or you’re worried about the type of mole it is, our doctors can safely and effectively remove your mole with local anaesthetic and minimal downtime.

Skin Cancer checks

A skin cancer diagnosis can be a worrying time for patients and family, thankfully due to earlier detection most skin cancers are cured. Skin cancer diagnosis requires specialist expertise both from the dermatologist and the pathologist involved in your care. We have high level expertise in the practice, both in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. 

Wart Removal

If you are suffering with a wart or verruca, our consultants offer safe and effective treatment that will remove the condition and restore soft and flawless skin.

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