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Ok eczema can be either really complicated and stressful or you can make it really easy. It all depends on what you believe and how you approach living with it...

If you think of eczema as a skin barrier problem so the skin is dry which then cracks slightly (like sandpaper) what happens next is that it becomes itchy and you scratch it which damages the skin which makes it more itchy.


The main problem with eczema is the symptom of which can stop you sleeping which can make you irritable which can make you frustrated and can be very sore. If you go to bed with the slightest itch the skin becomes more itchy.

A major problem is scratching and damages damaging skin at night when asleep. You scratch uncontrollably at night damaging the skin so you can end up scratching 4 minutes and even hours through the night waking in the morning with blood on the sheets and swollen eyes swollen when they have been rubbed through the night and new excoriations (areas which are damaged from scratching).

When the barrier of the skin is damaged then bacteria can infect the skin (usually with a bug called staph aureus - "staff orr-ee-us"). this bacteria sticks to the skin and secretes a toxin that causes more eczema. The cold sore virus can also get into the skin causing widespread cold sore infection in the skin called eczema herpaticum.

 So what causes eczema? What is the underlying cause?

It is genetic (the way you are made) that gives you dry and irritable skin along with asthma and hay fever. Bubble bath shower gels and soaps can cause more damage to the skin.

Soaps and over washing are a real problem. Soaps strip oils from skin and simply irritate the skin. It is not the fragrance in the soap, it is just the action of the soap which causes this problem. Using fragrance and colour free soaps does not help.

Trying to find the cause and taking allergy test is a complete waste of time and money. This does not solve the symptom of itch, scratching and inflammation.

You can do as many allergy tests as you like, but you will still be left with dry itchy and sore skin

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